Interior Spaces


Kitchens have always been the “heart of the home.”  While much has changed over the years, having a functional and attractive kitchen remains a prime objective for most homeowners.  How we use our kitchens has changed, and this dictates how a kitchen should work in order to be efficient, functional and appealing.  

Whether your vision is of a traditional or ultra-modern space, we use quality materials and cutting-edge technology to give you the look you want with all of the functional touches that make your kitchen a pleasure to be in … and a pleasure to work in.  

CRS Designs, Inc. then works with master craftsmen to create the environment that is right for you, one that fits not only your lifestyle, but your personality and your taste.


When remodeling a bathroom, there are many options cabinetry, natural stone, plumbing fixtures, tile and more. The choices seem endless and choosing the right components to get just the right “look” and feel, while using the best products for your particular needs can be a challenge.

At CRS Designs, Inc., we help you narrow down the options, and help you decide on a cohesive and beautiful style, helping you find your oasis of calm in a hectic world.


In today’s homes built-ins can provide the storage and beauty homeowners value. From showcasing your flat screen TV and hiding the jumble of electronic components needed to entertain family and friends, to creating an efficient workspace, the challenges of design and function have never been greater.

CRS Designs, Inc. can create audiovisual areas, home offices, libraries and family rooms that will not only fulfill your need for organization and function – but provide an oasis of order and beauty for you and your family.

For the finest in custom built case goods for your entire home, please contact us.

Why Hire a Designer?

Concept + Design + Planning + Construction = The Space of Your Dreams.

At CRS Designs, Inc., we are all about collaboration. We work with you to create a space that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations - better than you could have imagined. We then employ skilled craftsmen, who are able to bring those designs to life. We provide the design, materials, project management and installation. The finished product is a cohesive blend of design and workmanship. Our aim is for your space to be not only beautiful but functional - spaces that you and your family will enjoy. Spaces you will be proud to show off to others.

CRS - where timeless design and cutting edge technology come together to provide spaces that are a joy to live in.

ADA & Green Design

    CRS Designs, Inc. offers a vast array of products for residential, commercial and ADA compliant interiors.  We are committed to the environment and encourage our clients to specify green products where applicable.  An abbreviated list of products we represent follows below:

    • Cabinetry
    • Natural stone, concrete and glass counter tops
    • Faux stone wall panels and surrounds
    • Porcelain fixtures
    • Recycled metal
    • Hand painted wall coverings