Jon K. & Ann C. - Woodridge, IL.

"We’ve been entertaining friends & family for 20 years with our annual Winter Solstice greeting in which each year’s home-improvement tale is more unbelievable than the last. We can count on one hand, with fingers left over, the number of projects requiring professionals with which we have been unconditionally pleased. Your remodel of our master bedroom bath is one.

Our Winston Hills home, circa 1969, couldn’t accommodate a bathtub in the master bedroom bath, let alone a luxury spa. CRS Designs, Inc. transformed our ugly, uncomfortable, old-fashioned master bedroom bath into a beautiful, warm, and highly-functional space.

Our experience with you was everything a major remodeling project should be: well-designed, well-executed, and fairly-priced. Best of all was how you managed the unexpected. Any project can deteriorate quickly once the first wall’s opened up and you’re faced with every previous contractor’s error. Ours did not. You presented scope, cost, and scheduling implications immediately and worked with us to make the right decision for our circumstances.

Our master bedroom bath turned out beautifully. There’s no way we’d have accomplished this without you and your team of artisans. Thank you so very

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