John & Marilyn C. - Highland Park, IL.

"Several years ago I used the services of Connie Rabias of CRS Designs, Inc. to completely redesign our old and rundown kitchen, main level bathroom and foyer.  It was not an easy assignment because of the limited access to these areas.  Whatever the problem, Connie was there working on a solution and making it happen.  Connie also spent many hours with us going over color design, selecting plumbing fixtures, showing wall and flooring materials and developing an interior design that would meet our needs.  She was very attentive to our ideas and worked very hard with my wife to make this project meet our needs within our budget.  Her sense of color and design was instrumental in presenting our kitchen to our friends and family as a warm and inviting space to be in. 

The bathroom and foyer was an interesting challenge because of the tight angles and spaces that Connie had to work with in order to make the entrance usable and friendly.

I would recommend Connie to anyone who needs a professional designer who not only knows design but also knows the behind the scenes construction requirements to make a project a success.  I measure our project as a success not only when it was done and in use, but down the road when our lifestyle changed and we were able to easily adapt the basic concepts of her designs to meet our new requirements."


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